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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Woolf in Winter Give Away

Woolf in Winter Drawing Give Away

When I ran across these note-cards, I thought how apropos to our Woolf in Winter reading group. So as a little contribution to this and just for fun. Leave a comment between now and Feb 28th, the end of our four book readings on Virginia Woolf and I will put your name in for the drawing on these cards. I will ship worldwide.

Have fun in your reading.



  1. I'd love to be entered here!

    And I've just been looking around your blog - lovely and thoughtful! I'll definitely be back; I'm so glad Woolf in Winter enabled me to find you. :-)

  2. Oh these look gorgeous. Please may I be entered.

  3. What beautiful notecards! I am a fellow blogger and reader of Woolf since college. Interested in your reaction to Evening since Susan Minot's Monkeys is a favorite of mine but Evening was no great shakes. The movie was memorable mainly for the incredible house set on the ocean.