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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fragments, Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters By Marilyn Monroe

Fragments is a collection of typed letters, poems and thoughts, written in journals, notebooks and on hotel and personal stationery.  Through which you get a deeper glimpse into the untold Marilyn Monroe.

When she died in 1962 her personal effects were left to Lee Strasberg, in turn when he died in 1982 his young wife Anna Strasberg inherited this large and uncatalogued collection.

On one side of the page is a photo copy of her actual writings and on the other a printed version, in case you can't understand her writing and also some additional inserted words where needed, but you know they aren't Marilyn's.

If you've always loved Marilyn Monroe and thought that there was more to her then the dumb blond, then get this book.


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