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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Books Written by Dorothy Whipple

Dorothy Whipple

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Born in 1893, Dorothy Whipple (née Stirrup) had an intensely happy childhood in Blackburn as part of the large family of a local architect. Her close friend George Owen having been killed in the first week of the war, for three years she worked as secretary to Henry Whipple, an educational administrator who was a widower twenty-four years her senior and whom she married in 1917. Their life was mostly spent in Nottingham; here she wrote Young Anne (1927), the first of nine extremely successful novels which included Greenbanks (1932) and The Priory (1939). Almost all her books were Book Society Choices or Recommendations and two of them, They Knew Mr Knight (1934) and They were Sisters (1943), were made into films. She also wrote short stories and two volumes of memoirs. Someone at a Distance (1953) was her last novel. Returning in her last years to Blackburn, Dorothy Whipple died there in 1966.
  • Young Anne (1927)
  • Greenbanks (1932)
  • High Wages (1932)
  • They Knew Mr.Knight (1934)
  • The Priory (1939)
  • They Were Sisters (1943)
  • Because Of The Lockwoods (1949)
  • Every Good Deed (1950)
  • The Other Day: An Autobiography (1950)
  • Someone at a Distance (1953)
  • Wednesday and Other Stories (1961)
  • Tale of Very Little Tortoise (1962)
  • The Smallest Tortoise of All (1964)
  • Little Hedgehog (1965)
  • Random Commentary: Books And Journals Kept from 1925 Onwards (1966)
  • Mrs.Puss and That Kitten (1967)
  • On Approval
  • After Tea

 Republished by Persephone Books

  • Someone at a Distance (1999)
  • They Knew Mr. Knight (2000)
  • The Priory (2003)
  • They Were Sisters (2005)
  • The Closed Door and other stories (2007)
  • Someone at a Distance (2008)
  • High Wages (2009)
  • Greenbanks (2011)

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  1. What a fascinating blog you have! I love to read, and you're givng me to inspiration for some good books. Lovely pictures on your sidebar, too! Thanks so much for visiting me in my cozy kitchen and for your comment. Haha yes, Downtown is a new favorite and ignites a sparks to make a trip to England in the future!